Monday, October 13, 2008

St. Mary's Catholic School FIRST DAY INTRO!!!

September 17, 2008: Oh what a day for both Cortland students and the young children at St. Mary's Catholic School in Cortland, NY. It was a get-to-know each other session for the most part. Our lab group was the the second one that the St. Mary kids had this week, so they already were "exposed" to these strange college kids once. My group was first presented with all Pre-K kids out on the small playground. Talk about chaos ! It is exactly what you expect for a playground. Fun here has no order or rules. Having young children of my own was a definite benefit in dealing with the vast number of ages, genders, and personalities. I felt that my objective was to learn a few names, get to know some of them, and basically keep them running (or was it them that kept me running?) A short hide and seek game ensued, followed by Mindy's "blast off" on the monkey bars, and concluded with a quick "Duck, Duck, Goose". I felt like we accomplished our mission. We were able to get almost 100% participation in some type of movement activity, nobody got hurt, and there were smiles everywhere!!!

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