Monday, October 13, 2008

St. Mary's Lab Two RUN, GALLOP, and HOP !!!

October 1, 2008: Today I observed two students: Nicholas, (1st grade, age 6, male), and Meghan (1st grade, age 6, female) in the skills of Running, Galloping, and Jumping. The biggest similarity I observed in the attempts to perform these three activities was that they both enjoyed doing it. These three motor skills were made part of games, such as elbow tag, blob tag, and team rock-paper-scissors. The kids had fun doing the games and almost forgot that they are actually performing the motor skills I was assessing them on. Both students showed various stages of skill on all three motor skill tasks. For example, both flailed their arms wildly while running, and Nicholas showed more foot control in hopping. It was plain to see that different levels of success in the mastery of these skills occurred between the students, but they had a blast doing them!

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